Hawaii Landscaping

Mountain Meadows Nursery provides quality plants throughout the state of Hawai`i. Located in the lush area of Panaewa in Hilo, Mountain Meadows is committed to supplying all of your landscaping and gardening needs with plants, media and nutrition.


  • We grow our own groundcover, shrubs, palms, small medium and very large trees.
  • Provide quality plants that are healthy and pest free. Inter island shipping service is available. We'll take care of state department of agriculture inspections and shipping.
  • If you need red or black cinder , hapu or ohia on Oahu, Maui or Kauai. We can provide bagged , bulk or palitized shipments via Young Brothers.
  • Miscellaneous items such as, large boulders, hapu`u and ohia logs, bulk cinder, soil, compost, or mac nut husk and shells are available either picked up at our nursery or delivered.
  • If you're interested in plants come visit us. We'll appreciate it & we are sure you will enjoy it.
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MOUNTAIN MEADOWS can supply you with a variety of quality plants ranging from: Bamboo, Ferns, Flowers, Fruits, Groundcover, Hawaiian Plants, Palms, Trees & Shrubs to just name a few.